ABOUT AAA Advertising & Flag Co.


Picture this: Ft. Worth Texas April 1st, 1974. In the land of cowboys, and golf courses. A vision was created by founding President and owner Jim McClelland. It was during the time of pre-internet where you would rely on word of mouth and Yellow Page advertising. AAA Adverting of America was created. It has faced the test of time with new follow up of advertising, expanded into a new company name of AAA Advertising & Flag. Web page and online research rather than 4 4” Register binders that lists products and companies that provide for the products and services we sell. As with time, products have grown to over a million marketable items and over 4,000 factories to chose from. We relocated from Dallas in 2006 and now reside in Palm Springs, California. We still strive for the one on one customer support with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Now with internet accessibility we work to achieve the best pricing with the best quality that we have built our company on. Give us a try for any of your promotional product needs. This ranges from personal events, company events, flags that range from US, State, Military, Gay Pride, International, and custom  made flags. We offer banners, cups, pens, pencils, coffee mugs, coasters, shirts and caps with screenprint or embroidery.


We can ship all across the US.


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